10 weird and wonderful sights at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

#1 A street performer sticking a plastic water bottle in his ear, squeezing it then squirting the water out of his mouth. Daft but funny.

#2 A living statue spraypainted head to toe in gold, skin, hair, tutu, hoola hoops and all. Random.

#3 One brave soul dressed in nothing but a bathroom towel handing out flyers for his show, while his colleague did the same from the (slightly) more modest confines of a bathtub.

#4  One even braver soul laid out in a coffin (promoting rather than perishing, fortunately).

#5  More grown men than you can imagine balancing on stilts, wire platforms, tables and other people’s shoulders while juggling with fire no less.

#6  A three-year old completely outshining a street performer when displaying his own unique dance moves to LMFAO’s ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ song. Wiggle wiggle wiggle yeahhhhhh…..

#7  Two stormtroopers, one kitted out in shiny white armour, the other in black armour, charging down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile….. on stilts!

#8  A live art installation consisting of a post-war era typing pool, all busily tap tap tapping away amidst the madness as a precursor to their main show.

#9  An outdoor bar furnished with huge Alice-in-Wonderland proportioned armchairs upholstered in astro turf.

#10  A nimble (either that or completely nuts) fellow squeeze his entire body through the frame of a tennis racket… while partially dislocating his shoulder… while riding a unicycle!

Spotted someone or something even more random at the Fringe? Leave a comment below.

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