10 smells that say it’s (finally) summer

#1 Sun tan lotion. Whether it’s being applied on some far flung beach or out in the back garden, sun tan lotion has to be the number one feel-good smell that says it’s summer.

#2 Freshly cut grass. Instantly reminiscent of being a child and being packed off to bed what felt cruelly early because it was still light outside, or being a student stuck indoors cramming for exams while longing to be the one outdoors doing anything OTHER than cramming (even if it is only cutting the grass).

#3 Paddling pool plastic. The kind that squeaks when little feet slide along its floor and bends back precariously when bodies lean against its walls.

#4 The near furnace-like heat that engulfs your body as you get into the car, immediately wishing you’d parked in a shadier spot or had at least thought to leave the window open a little.

#5 Salty sea air. Served straight up or laced with a smattering of sand, a hint of fish and chips or a trace of amusement arcade candy floss and popcorn.

#6 The smokey charcoal smell of spur-of-the-moment BBQs (in Britain, who can plan?) wafting from garden to garden.

#7 The sweet, sparkling fruitiness of a refreshing pint of Cider heavy on the ice or a chilled glass of crisp Rosé wine enjoyed al fresco.

#8 The earthy smell that hangs heavily in the air immediately before a summer shower and immediately after as the rain dries out against the hot pavement.

#9 The perfume-like scent of honeysuckle, at its headiest as dusk – and quietness – descend.

#10 Bedding that has been dried on the line bringing the scent of the outdoors indoors at bedtime – and with it, the hope that the morning will bring another glorious day.

Got one to add? Leave a comment below.

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