10 things not to say on a first date

#1 “The girl I dated before you was a 23-year old stripper.”

#2 “I live with my mum. It’s just easy.”  Not,“The ex got the house and I’m temporarily living with my mum.”  Not, “I’m currently and actively looking for a place of my own.” Just, “…easy.”

#3 “Well that was nice.”  NICE???? A ringing endorsement if ever there was one!

#4 “I have next week off and I’m going to spend it watching 70 episodes of Star Trek back-to-back.”  Ah, a real get-up-and-go type then… !!

#5 How much do you earn?”  Would you like to know blood type and next of kin too?

#6 “I just can’t afford to pay my ex-wife maintenance for the kids.” 

#7 “What time am I playing golf in the morning? Depends what time you’re making my eggs.”  Two words. Dream. On.

#8  “So how many urchins is it that you own then?”  And by ‘urchins’ you would be referring to children?

#9 “Remind me of your name again?”

#10 “My mate reckons you’re too old for me. I usually go out with girls MUCH younger.” 

Got a shocker to add? Leave a comment below.

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