10 things women say to men (and what they really mean)

#1 “It’s fine.”  Translation: “It is anything BUT fine.”

#2 “This has nothing to do with PMT.”  Translation: “You and I both know this pisses me off at the best of times so why you would do it when you know I’m due my period any day now is beyond me.”

#3 “Hmmmmm……..”  Translation: “I’m not at all sure that what you are suggesting is a smart idea but right now I either don’t have the time or the energy to debate it.”

#4 “I don’t normally invite guys home like this.”  Translation: “I don’t normally invite guys home like this… except the ones I really fancy!!”

#5 “I don’t mind what we order in for dinner –  you choose.”  Translation: “The minute you choose one takeaway option I’ll realise I’m actually in the mood for the other one.”

#6 “Do what you want.”  Translation: “I REALLY don’t want you to do that, but I want you to choose not to do it off your own back.”

#7 “Have you made any plans yet for this weekend?”  Translation: “I hope not because I have a list of things I would like us to do.”

#8 “She’s pretty.”  Translation: “We’re both thinking it so I may as well be big enough to say it.”

#9 “It’s okay, I’ll do it.”  Translation: “God how I wish sometimes you would do it.”

#10 “This? I’ve had it for a while.”  Translation: “Yeah  ever since I saw it, wanted it and bought it last week.”

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