10 signs you’re turning into your parents

#1 The thought of going out at 10pm has lost its appeal. If you’re not out by 8.30pm you’re not going out. The sofa looks just too comfy. The TV looks quite good. Outside looks too cold and wet… besides you don’t want to lose the whole of the next day to a sleep-deprivation hangover. (See point #2.)

#2 You can’t sleep in anymore. Either your body won’t let you or your brain reminds you there’s simply too much else to do.

#3 You suggest bars where you know the music won’t be too loud to talk over. Oh and a seat, booth or bar stool when you get there wouldn’t go amiss either.

#4 You hang on to things ‘just in case’. Half-empty cans of emulsion, old paint brushes, over-sized sheets of bubble wrap, your millionth allen key from IKEA, broken electrical goods (well, you might be able to fix it, sometime, when you have more time… )

#5 If it lives in the kitchen, it’s perishable and it’s not quite finished yet, then it’s clingfilmed or tinfoiled within an inch of its life.

#6 You know the weather forecast and whether it’s likely to be a good day for hanging out the washing, cutting the grass, painting the fence, being out and about or whether you’d be better tackling a project indoors.

#7 You look at those younger than you, of whom there are now uncomfortably many, and your immediate reaction is that (i) the guys could do with lifting the low-slung crotch of their jeans up a good few inches and (ii) the girls’ could do with lowering their modesty skimming hemlines down a good few inches.

#8 You comment on how good your new hoover is compared to the old one – and you genuinely care.

#9 You walk into a room then stand there for a moment trying to remember what it was that you went in there for.

#10 You find yourself agreeing with your parents – policemen and doctors do seem to be getting younger.

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