10 observations about living with the opposite sex (the male perspective)

#1 “They talk at the most critical part of a TV programme or movie. They talk over the big match commentary. They talk as you’re dropping off to sleep. They even talk over you when you’re talking. Basically, they’re always talking.”

#2 “You find yourself asking if it’s okay to go for a pint, even though you know you’re going to go for a pint. You’ve already spoken with the boys, you’ve agreed where and when you’re meeting but still you find yourself asking if it’s okay to go (and saying it won’t be a late one when you know it most likely will).”

#3 “They make lists of things for you to do on your days off. It doesn’t matter how many things you manage to tick off the list, there always seems to be another shelf needing put up or picture waiting to be hung.”

#4 “Garden chores don’t count as chores. To men, yes. To women, nil points.”

#5 “You quickly learn that fake tan is the best form of contraceptive ever. The mere smell of it, plus the fact they come to bed dressed from head to toe so as not to stain the sheets with the stuff.”

#6 “Freekin’ candles……. everywhere!”

#7 “They are forever tidying up behind you. Put something down for any length of time, go back to get it… where’s it gone?!”

#8 “Wardrobe space. Two thirds of the available wardobe space is not sufficient. Nor, apparently, are women’s own sock supplies otherwise they wouldn’t steal ours to wear under their boots.”

#9 “They complain about being left to do all the cooking, then when you finally get round to doing some cooking they take over, accusing you of going too slow.”

#10 “Car etiquette or their distinct lack of. Ladies, you won’t self-combust if you go into sixth gear… nor is the jack point for plugging in your i-pod!”

TO BE CONTINUED! NEXT WEEK… 10 observations about living with the opposite sex (a female perspective)

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