10 chat-up lines guys use (and with what results).

“Feel this.” (Guy gestures to his shirt collar.)
(Girl obliges.)
“That’s boyfriend material, that is.”
Resulted in: the start – and sadly also the end – of the conversation

(Guy) “I think there’s something wrong with my phone.”
(Girl and guy glance at phone.)
(Guy) “Could you try calling it for me…….?”
Resulted in: more often than not, getting the girl’s number

(Guy) “You’re coming home with me tonight.”
(Girl) “Really – why’s that?”
(Guy) “Because I’m stronger than you.”
Resulted in: sharp intake of breath

(Guy) “What’s that you’re drinking?”
(Girl) “Vodka and cranberry juice.”
(Guy) “You certainly won’t catch a urinary tract infection with THAT!””
Resulted in: tumbleweed moment

(Guy) “Totally LOVE your shoes…”
(Girl follows guy’s gaze to her shoes.)
(Guy) “They’re so shiny I can see your underwear in them!”
Resulted in: 

(Guy) “I recognise you…”
(Girl looks at guy blankly.)
(Guy) “I used to shoplift in the store you work in.”
Resulted in: girl scarpering into nearest chippie

(Guy jumps up and down on the spot.)
(Girl) “What are you doing?”
(Guy) “Just trying to break the ice…”
Resulted in: talking to the girl’s back

(Guy) “There’s no point in carrying on this conversation any further without first checking if we’re compatible.”
(Girl) “How do we do that?”
(Guy) “We need to have sex.”
Resulted in: sex – and often (scary, but true)

(Guy) “My watch says you aren’t wearing any underwear…”
(Girl) “Yes I am.”
(Guy) “It must be an hour fast then.”
Resulted in: Paddington bear-style stare

(Guy) “What’s your name?”
Resulted in: being surprisingly effective for something so simple.

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