10 ways in which growing your own vegetables is like raising a family.

#1 From the moment you bring the packets of seeds home, plant them, water them, feed them, you become engrossed in watching for signs of development.

#2 The day you move your plants out of the house and into a bed of their own is the day you realise how just un-plant proof your garden really is. Frost, slugs, snails, birds, foxes – it’s a wilderness out there.

#3 Checking what sort of a night your plants had becomes one of the first things you do in the morning.

#4 You find yourself ‘needing’ all sorts of paraphernalia that only months previously you didn’t even know existed. Polytunnels. Fleece jackets. Cloches.

#5 You can read all the books and instructions there are on the subject but there’s no accounting for Mother Nature – or the stubborn refusal of some plants to do as they should.

#6 Each plant is an individual. Likes shade. Prefers sun. Water regularly. Water sparingly. Alkaline soil. Acidic soil.

#7 Everyone who’s ever grown vegetables before you will have an opinion on the right way (their way) and wrong way (your way) to do things. (Note: frustratingly, their way usually turns out to be right.)

#8 After a long hard day at work you find yourself squabbling over whose turn it is to water the darn things.

#9 One minute you’re tending to tiny seedlings, the next an unruly mob all demanding your attention at the same time, be it tying their gangly frames to canes for support or pruning side shoots.

#10 You become as devoted to the second and third crop as you are to your very first.

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2 thoughts on “10 ways in which growing your own vegetables is like raising a family.

  1. Really love your post…so very true. It looks like your plants are being lovingly taken care of from your photo. Good luck with your growing season.

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