10 supermarket own brands that people rate.

#1 ASDA Smart Price Dishwasher Tablets “I finally took a stand against paying £7 a pop for dishwasher tablets and gave these a go. Despite being over a £5 cheaper – yes, a fiver – I found no real difference in result and have bought them ever since.”

#2 Morrison MSavers Lemon Curd “Ridiculously cheap at 22p a jar and yet I couldn’t taste any difference between this and the brand I normally buy priced over £1.”

#3 ASDA Smart Price Chicken Breast Fillets “As good as, if not better than, the more expensive options on the shelves – fact.”

#4 Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter “A brilliant all round moisturiser – lip, hand, body – as well as being great for babies’ bottoms. Wherever I go, it goes!”

#5 Tesco Pro-Tech Dental Floss “Does the same job and is of the same quality as the branded products.”

#6 ASDA Paracetamol “The brand versions don’t offer anything different in terms of ingredients or benefits.”

#7 Tesco Value Nappies “In the space of about a month, three different mums have recommended Tesco own brand nappies to me.”

#8 Sainsbury’s Basic Nappy Bags “All you do is put them in the bin anyway, so why pay any more than you absolutely have to.”

#9 ASDA Flour & Cake Decorations (Various) “Taste and look just as good as the market leaders but at a lesser price.”

#10 ASDA Chosen By You Kitchen Foil “Whereas own brand cling film can be altogether less ‘clingy’ than the bigger brands, you can’t tell the difference with this foil.”

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