10 random but useful bits of advice.

#1 Don’t wait to be 100% certain. 80% is good enough. Rather than prolong making a move until you’re 100% certain about it – a level of certainty that might never come – weigh up whether you feel 80% certain that it’s the right decision. If so, leap. If not, see point #2.

#2 If you’re not sure what to do – do nothing. Sometimes the best thing to do is give a situation time.

#3 There are no right and wrong decisions, just different outcomes. Sure, one choice might turn out to be more (or less) suited to your original goal but whichever route you choose it’ll lead you on to something new.

#4 When you put yourself in the path of change, something usually does. Change is kind of catching that way. Make one change in life and more tend to follow on from it.

#5 Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s the big things you have no control over that will up-end you in life. None of the rest really matters.

#6 DO go to sleep on an argument. Don’t go looking for one but if there’s an argument in the offing then getting a good night’s sleep and waiting until the morning to talk about things can take the heat out the situation.

#7 No-one will fight for you as hard as you will. So make sure you are your own number one supporter.

#8 Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Admittedly, more a question than a piece of advice but the sentiment stands true – some things just aren’t worth arguing about.

#9 Don’t sleep with the gardener until the garden is finished. Enough said.

#10 Don’t expect others to listen to your advice. Sometimes we all have to make the mistakes for ourselves.

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